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Does your business lack a brand? Pursue a True Brand that Refuses to Play Small!

Brand Strategy

The True Brand™ Process starts with learning all about you, your business, and aspirations. From there, we’ll co-create the best plan for you, which includes your brand messaging, attributes and online presence.

Brand Identity

Once we develop your strategy, we’ll give your brand a persona. The Brand Design Phase defines your brand’s identity for visual appeal and audience recognition.

Brand Online Presence

It’s time to showcase your brand and engage with your target audience and communicate your message with clear content and a distinct design.

TRUE BRAND™ Framework

Whether you are an established business in need of a new image or a start-up who desires the right brand from jump — True Brand™ will help you explore, discover and develop your brand.

What we call TADA! helps you connect, relate and achieve a TRUE marketplace influence:

  1. Attract your TRUE Audience: Know who you are talking to. 
  2. Deliver your TRUE Message: Communicate what matters most. 
  3. Achieve your TRUE InfluenceConnect and relate in the marketplace. 

We help build brands to connect, relate and achieve marketplace influence!

Our Craft: Co-Creation

We DEFINITELY know how it feels. You’ve built a business you’re proud of because you want to make a DIFFERENCE; and yet, you haven’t been able to communicate your purpose in a meaningful, effective and inspiring way.

We get it.

You’re solely focused on building your business and serving your customers, but there still seem to be a huge piece missing–

–how to really show up and connect with new prospects while continuing to grow, serve, and retain current customers.

Your brand is the missing link.

We’ll help you develop your brand to be purposeful, valuable and influential. We’ll take you through our True Brand™ Process to unpack your craft to communicate your mission and successfully connect, relate, and achieve in the marketplace.

A brand that will continue to grow with your business and customers.


Your brand is more than a logo or website. It is a statement. An expression. An appeal. Simply put, your business persona. The only way to really connect and relate with your audience.

Who We Are

Tee-Ta Walker & Associates, a co-creating digital branding and marketing agency, exists to help you discover and explore the essence of your business.

We’re here to help you develop and establish a solid brand that gets you noticed and remembered when it matters most.

We promise to deliver a True Brand Identity that expresses your authentic existence, engages your audience, and retains your customers through your: 

  1. Purpose and Why
  2. Rally Call to invoke and appeal
  3. Content to connect and relate
  4. Visibility with purposeful and valuable design