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Clarifying Your Questions

Because we know when it comes to a brand project, the investment, and the time (but OH, the benefit and rewards), we are providing you with some anticipated questions and answers.


The Pre-True Brand Process™

Prior to onboarding a client, we take them through the Pre-True Brand Process ™. This consists of the following steps:

  • Exploration call
  • Proposal
  • Service agreement
  • Contract signed, appropriate fees paid, then onboarding begins

The True Brand Process™

Of course, your business is unique, so your project will be customized for you. However, the 4-main processes we follow are:

  • Initial Strategy Session. (don’t worry, we just don’t leave it at one). We believe in communicating throughout the project since we do co-create with you.
  • Brand Messaging. Here we gather and develop brand scripting from the strategy sessions, assessments and current information to help curate the new brand messaging, frameworks or methodologies and CTAs (calls to action).
  • Brandology Inspiration Vision. This is where your brand design magic happens and all your visual attributes come to life. The color scheme, typology, brandology inspiration vision board, style guide, logos, and anything else that may be identified.
  • Brand Online Presentation. You are ready to share and showcase your influence and value through your brand messaging to your editorial illustrations. Your website and online presence are published and ready for business!

A True Brand™ Project

A brand or rebrand can take anywhere from 90-125 days [3-4 months] depending on the project needs.


Because Tee-Ta Walker & Associates is your one-stop agent for all of your brand requirements, you only need interact or interface with us.


If a third-party is determined (i.e. photography or videography), we will help facilitate and direct and extra fees will apply. Tee-Ta, our lead brandologist director, will conduct all strategy sessions and project manage with team members to fully execute your project.

Service Agreement

The Service Agreement includes the Statement of Work (SOW), timeline, fee and terms & conditions.


In order for your project to meet specific phases and timelines, it is imperative that your brand or rebrand project becomes a priority once we onboard you.

Who We Work With

  • Established businesses who desire to reinvent their brand.
  • Start-ups or new businesses who know the importance of a defined brand.
  • Businesses that have concrete objectives, goals, plans and a purpose.
  • Business Owners who are ready and willing to explore.
  • Businesses that are ready to connect, relate and achieve marketplace influence.
  • Businesses that DARE to be different, purposeful and not afraid to standout. Ones that refuse to play small.
  • Business Owners who appreciate the importance of investing in products or services to become more valuable and influential.
  • Business Owners who know the importance of collaboration, co-creating and commitment, to establish their brand value.


Your brand is more than a logo or website. It is a statement. An expression. An appeal. Simply put, your business persona. The only way to really connect and relate with your audience.