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Bella Soul Beauty

inspiring beauty

Bella Soul Beauty specializes in relaxation and rejuvenation for both mind and body. As owner and master esthetician, Andrea O. knew that she needed to establish more of a digital presence for her business to expand and grow. She also sought to present a website that inspired each client to appreciate their own unique beauty.

During strategic planning sessions, Tee-Ta Walker & Associates discovered that Andrea had no aesthetics to digitally represented her business. There was no logo, color scheme, tagline/movement, or website.

Website development to build Bella Soul Beauty’s brand identity, including a logo, color scheme, tagline/movement, and font type, also involved creation of social media access through Google and Instagram.

Since the launch of Bella Soul Beauty, Andrea’s business is now more visible and reaching more clients organically.


I started working with Tee-Ta Walker & Associates in February of 2018. I am a small business owner and an independent contractor. When I started with Tee-Ta Walker & Associates, I didn’t have any brand identity; zero, except for my business Facebook account. I had reached out to Tee-Ta Walker & Associates to help me design and create a logo.

Tee-Ta had created a beautiful mood board that inspired her to create my logo. I don’t think there was one thing on that board that I didn’t like. Within a week or two I had my logos to choose from. With a few little tweaks, Bella Soul had a color scheme and a logo. My brand had begun, and my baby was born.

From there I knew that I needed to get my website up and running with my new logo. Tee-Ta took that same mood board and incorporated that into my website. She made it SO easy to communicate back and forth with information that I needed to provide to her and changes that needed to be made on either end, it was nearly seamless. I live in Washington State and her business resides in Florida, with the time change it didn’t even matter it was so easy. I love my website; it is simple and easy to navigate just like I wanted. I love the airiness of it, I love the colors and all the little quotes throughout. I absolutely loved it from the beginning. And the reason why I probably loved it so much right from the beginning is because she took the time to listen to me, so we didn’t have very many changes.

But here was my most favorite part of my journey with Tee-Ta Walker & Associates.

One afternoon I was scrolling through my personal Instagram account and I had come across a post and I thought, “Oh! That looks great! Who posted that, what business is that from?” And when I looked, it was my own brand, Bella Soul who had posted it!

I laughed and said, “that’s me”! It was truly the best feeling ever! At that point they were posting for me and I wasn’t expecting to see a post from my brand. It was very exciting for me.

I would hands down recommend Tee-Ta Walker & Associates. I was completely overwhelmed with this part of my business and they made everything so easy for me. They really take the time to listen and understand what your vision is and from there you will collaborate. I can’t say enough about Tee-Ta. I am just so thankful to have her on my team as I build my brand.

Andrea O., Owner

Bella Soul Beauty

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