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Brandology Digital Marketing

Organic Brandology Digital Marketing Service 

Brandology Digital Marketing Design Plan & Do  



Initial Digital Marketing Plan

Initial Thematic Brand Design

5-Core Social Media Templates


Social media creation

4 postings per week

5 CTA stories (Facebook, IG or LinkedIn)

5 email marketing campaigns

3 brand video-marketing scripts

3-Months Obligation at $4500.* 

It can take anywhere from 90-120 days for marketing plans to show their ROI. 

There are no quick virtual stunts or practices that will bring you overnight success. 

Being consistent, true, and wanting success for your clients or customers will eventually reap the best rewards.  

Organic analytics will be provided. For any paid campaign desires, there is an additional fee to design and facilitate, including the fee of the paid ad.  

We are versed in Facebook Business Pages, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media platforms. 

If you simply want to talk to organize your thoughts, to learn more about digital marketing, to ask questions, or to just get some feedback, then by all means, please schedule a ‘Need to Pick Your Brain Please.’  We’re happy to share our expertise with a 1-hour Zoom or phone call for $275


*Once you have completed the ‘Plan & Do’ for 3-months, we can discuss what ‘Do‘ can look like moving forward.