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be different!

Be better than normal, BE DIFFERENT.
(Don’t get too caught-up in the ‘competition trap.’)


My name is Tee-Ta Walker, the Brandologist and Founder of Tee-Ta Walker & Associates. I’m looking forward to meeting you and I’m glad you stopped by.

Drinking coffee is a daily activity for me :). I absolutely love the smell, the warm feeling, and the taste. The experience of drinking my coffee everyday gives me so much life! This is one of the main reasons why I founded Tee-Ta Walker & Associates. You’re like, ‘huh?’

Let me explain a little.  I am very particular about the brand of coffee that I drink.  I am also very particular about the locations where I enjoy my coffee.  There is a coffee purveyor that created a certain type of service and atmosphere that I enjoy to a point that I only want coffee from THEM.  I am willing to bypass five other competitors and pay twice as much to enjoy a cup of coffee, the way I like it. I enjoy the EXPERIENCE.

The way this experience was communicated by this company intrigued me from a marketing perspective.  How did a cup of coffee become such a big deal?  Why are we willing to pay a 500% markup? Why are we willing to go to THIS place when there are five other places, with shorter lines, to get a cup of coffee?  All because a brand’s sole purpose is to connect and relate.

Moreover, we are witnessing a new level of consumers growing out of grand experiences.  I am ecstatic to see consumers advocating (being brand ambassadors) for specific products or services where they have a great user experience. A positive experience for your consumers creates and retains loyalty, which then contributes to word-of-mouth new prospects from those loyal customers.

Marketing, a key component of communicating value to consumers, is essential for businesses and enterprises. However, in today’s market, implementing a stellar marketing plan is not enough. Consumers are more loyal to businesses that offer a favorable customer journey; aka, the EXPERIENCE. And this starts with a True Brand™.

To that end, the main objective of Tee-Ta Walker & Associates is to provide you with a comprehensive approach to brand design and execution. To SHOW why the market should choose YOU and YOUR business over your competitors. To introduce them to what they will EXPERIENCE with YOU.

Your business has a unique offering to the market. Our team will identify the values that differentiate your business from your competitors, and then create your specific brand identity, online presence, and brand awareness to intentionally attract more clients.

Besides drinking coffee, I LOVE being active, enjoy distinctive restaurants, volunteering, and being a football fanatic. I also enjoy my community of friends and supporters.

Oh yes, I do have an MBA in Marketing, with a concentration in Digital Marketing.

One more thing. My passion is all about extracting one’s greatness. Going through a few challenges myself (more than I care to), one thing I have been able to learn through those experiences is that no matter how hard or shoot, even ugly, there is so much greatness within. You are DEFINITELY bigger than your circumstance. I promote this personal assignment through my Twitter account. Click on the great bird below to explore how much greatness you have. In addition, I have a podcast and videocast on having real and raw conversations around race and inequalities. This mission (assignment) is dear and near to my heart, take a peek below. Click on the ‘Conversation with Tee-Ta & Tiffany logo.’

Again, I appreciate you stopping by to get to know a little bit more about me and Tee-Ta Walker & Associates. To talk brand shop, or to create, develop, or reinvent your brand or online presence to matter most, visit our scheduling system to get on the calendar.

To simply connect with me, please email me at [email protected] or call 407- 917-7244.




Don’t be a ‘ME TOO’ brand, BE DIFFERENT.

True Brand ™

  • Attract your TRUE audience
  • Deliver your TRUE message
  • Achieve your TRUE infuence

want to be DIFFERENT?

With more of the competition being one’s attention span, let us help you build a True Brand ™ that will connect, relate and achieve marketplace influence. A brand that refuses to play small and is better than normal….’BEING DIFFERENT!’