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38 Compliance

Keeping You Compliant

As Almond Branch Consulting rebranded to become 38 Compliance, Tee-Ta Walker & Associates was instrumental in designing and launching a new website that delivered a concise message to both existing clients and new prospects.

With the marketplace rise of competitive SEC compliance firms, a rebrand would more clearly define services – to include meeting the challenge of SEC complexities as clients focused on their own business development and growth. A distinct identity was also necessary as 38 Compliance began expanding to address other needs in the SEC space.

Tee-Ta met with founder and managing member Bryant B. to review current objectives and core values. Conversations about future business ideas and goals led to a brand that would reach and resonate with the target audience.

A stronger digital presence was developed and launched with elements such as a motivating tagline, striking color scheme and font type, fresh content, and eye-catching imagery.


There was no clarity in the message I was trying to deliver to the public. You provided me with the guidance necessary to create a new public image. I  have a better sense of how to communicate with prospects in marketing materials.

I would recommend your services to those who need help articulating the right message when marketing their services. I would also recommend your services to those in need of a passionate and thoughtful marketing professional.

Bryant B., CEO

38 Compliance

TW&A does maintain business website.


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