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The Palma Project is a new start-up small business that offers project management-based consulting, training and development services for individuals, youth, and young adults.

Although the Palma Project had developed business objectives and some social media platforms, there was no content strategy, core messaging, or website presence to showcase their movement, features, and offerings.

Tee-Ta Walker & Associates hosted a few VIP Brand Strategy Sessions with the Palma Project to pinpoint content strategy, core messaging, rally call, mission, purpose, a brand video, and execution of how constituents and participants would receive the value the Palma Project provides.

As a result, an influential brand, brand identity, audience segmentation, and digital website presence were developed and established.


At the start of my branding journey, I had conflicting messaging, social media headache and a packaged vision of my company that I simply could not fathom how to bring to fruition. To solve the problem, I had a checklist item that mandated that I needed a landing page, right? I quickly realized while working with Tee-Ta that my Business needed and deserved more than a landing page to achieve my vision and to share our message, our BRAND, effectively. Lots of content creation was a challenge, but I could see the vision becoming clearer with each of my submissions. The video testimonial was the cherry on top. The entire experience taught me how much a “Brand” actually speaks for the hard work my team and I put in each day. What an amazing journey this was for us. We are very happy with our website.

Renee Palma, Founder & CEO

The Palma Project

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