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Family Shift

Stop the Drift - Live with Greater Intentions

Rodney and Michelle Gage were ready to launch their coaching business prior to the release of the book they co-authored, Family Shift. In a discovery session with Tee-Ta Walker & Associates, however, they quickly realized the need to better define and develop their business persona and audience. A more distinct brand image would not only identify the purpose and target audience for their business, Family Shift, but it would also help their audience recognize opportunities available to learn, grow, and thrive.

After meeting with Tee-Ta Walker & Associates, it was agreed that a newly branded website and strategic social media presence would help achieve more influence and impact for Family Shift.

With the book release drawing near, Tee-Ta unpacked and creatively combined content, ideas, and goals through digital presence, messaging, and social media strategies to increase brand awareness through specific touch points.

Bonus! The publisher even showcased the messaging on the book cover!


It is with great excitement to recommend Tee-Ta Walker & Associates to help you identify your core message and brand identity. Recently, we hired Tee-Ta to help us clarify and craft our core message to ensure we were connecting with our target audience. Tee-Ta nailed it!

She has a way of asking the right questions in order to get to the right answers. Her knowledge, insight, and creativity is a tremendous asset to any individual or organization seeking to grow their audience to make an even greater impact. I highly recommend her!

Rodney Gage,

Lead Pastor of ReThink Life Church

Author, Pastor, and Family Coach

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