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Vantage Point Coaching

Inspiring Change, Iginiting Action

Demetria Hill Sloan is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker. She founded Vantage Point Coaching as a way to inspire action and ignite change by helping others unveil their own possibilities.

She initially engaged Tee-Ta Walker & Associates to develop a clearer picture of audience segmentation – the who, what, why, and how – that would help her attract, connect, and relate more effectively through messaging and marketing.

Demetria soon realized the need to redesign/rebrand the Vantage Point Coaching website to capture leads and create more impact.

After thorough research and analysis by Tee-Ta, Tee-Ta Walker & Associates uncovered message confusion and the need to clearly define audience personas. Then a more functional website was designed and launched to fit the needs, challenges, and goals of Demetria’s target market.


After three years in business, I had reached an inflection point. Had great momentum out the gate but started to slow down in my ability to target my real audience. Tee-Ta conducted a deep analysis of my workstreams, messages, and desired outcomes. Working with Tee-Ta helped narrow my focus and deeply understand each market/audience segment. This is allowing me to craft the messages and materials to speak directly to that specific segment. If you’re generating content, ideas, and products but feel they are all going into a vast black hole, then you should work with Tee-Ta Walker & Associates. She will guide you through a comprehensive process to identify the right targets so you can hit the bullseye every time!

Demetria Hill Sloan, CEO

Vantage Point Coaching

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