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Your Story Financial

Peace of Mind

As a fee-only financial planning firm, Your Story Financial is more than” just” a financial planning firm; they look at your “whole” life. They believe success is living stress-free and being proactive when it comes to your financial goals.

Your Story Financial had a process or framework, but it was hidden in the details. Even though they had a grasp of their ideal prospects or the individuals they could help, we needed to dig deeper to craft the right messaging to connect and relate.

Tee-Ta Walker & Associates accomplished a comprehensive rebrand on Your Story Financial. We dubbed them as Financial Life Planner Strategists; that is, financial strategists who help their clients live a stress-free life by helping them prepare, plan and pursue the right financial path.


Tee-Ta Walker & Associates was a wonderful firm to work with.  Initially, we discussed my target audience and who I wanted my firm to attract.  It took some lifting at first but looking at the end results, it proved fruitful.  I’m very happy with my logo I think with our collaborations and Tee-Ta’s resource we came up with the feel, the colors and the design that resonated with my brand. I love the bonuses that Tee-Ta delivered.  It was a pleasant surprise. We even have a framework and a method for me to communicate my process better with my clients.  Tee-Ta provided the deliverables in an organized fashion and I know that I can reach back to her if I ever have questions.  Overall it was a fantastic experience. 

Shehara L. Wooten, CFP®

Financial Life Planner Strategist

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